About Holfolio


Hi I’m Ben, Founder of Holfolio

I started Holfolio as a way to keep tabs of the investments I hold across different stock brokers, crowdfunding sites and crypto exchanges.

It was a pain to know how much they were all worth at any one point in time. If the FTSE went down but Bitcoin went up, was I better or worse off than before?

I tried to use an Excel sheet to track my investments, which quickly got messy and wasn’t useful to measure performance over time.

As a software developer with an MSc in Finance, this was my chance to shine!

My second lightbulb moment was realising the power of sharing our investments with one another.

Most of us feel too awkward to openly discuss finances with our friends/family/colleagues etc, but on a website with a pseudonymous username, we can be more free and open.

I strongly believe that being more transparent with our investments helps both new and experienced investors alike.

I think a lot of us have a fear that we might be doing the wrong thing (which comes from no one wanting to talk about finances in the first place), and we just want a human to hold our hand and let us know that yes, we are on the right track.

Financial advice for most people is fundamentally simple (the TLDR of our guide is buy a broad index fund every month), and we shouldn’t need to pay through the nose for it.

That’s why a community of DIY investors can help each other out just as well, and save thousands in the process.

Help us improve Holfolio!

We want as much feedback as possible to help make Holfolio better every day.